Image Video –

Tell potential customers who you are and what you do. Bring your company's story to life and help it stand out in a crowded marketplace. is a start-up on-line service for buyers and sellers of heavy equipment.

Product/Service Overview –

A detailed look at a specific offering that outlines specific features and benefits to

your customer.

Kronos is a leader in the HR/Payroll industry.

This video is a look at the features and benefits off one of their offerings, Manager Services.

Product Demo –

Show your product or service in action. Let your customer know just how easy it really is.


Kronos Mobile – A step-by-step walk through of how Kronos’ new mobile interface works.

Presentation Capture –

Leverage your existing marketing and training presentations to reach new audiences, both inside and outside your company.

Both the speaker and a high resolution computer feed are captured simultaneously.  The resulting file can be distributed via a web-stream, FTP, or physical media.

Personal Profile –

Does your company’s founder have a remarkable story? Did one of your employees do something extraordinary? Profile them and share their story with the world.


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation names their annual Man of the Year to someone who has shown great leadership in the field of diabetes research and treatment.

Testimonial Montage–

If one quick clip from a happy customer is good then a montage must be better!  Combine positive clips together to tell a more complete tale – all from the mouths of your customers. Powerful and persuasive.


Customer Testimonial –

Highlight just how satisfied your current customers are. These quick clips from your customers are perfect for your website, for inclusion in other sales and marketing videos, or to supply to your sales force to embed into their PowerPoint presentations.


Ceridian – Recommendation 09

is one of several dozen testimonial clips that are captured each year at Ceridian’s annual user conference. Preselected conference attendees are asked to sit down and discuss a wide range of topics coving their experiences with Ceridian products and services.


Ceridian – Partnership Montage was created by combining many comments from many customers on the subject of how satisfied they are with their overall relationship with Ceridian.

Meeting / Theme Video –

Create a mood and strengthen the theme for your next event with a powerful, though provoking themed video.


Delta – Be the Bridge was produced to open the first ever combined meeting for the newly merged Delta and Northwest Airlines. The theme “Be the Bridge” was a call to action for employees to come together as one to form a better, stronger company.


Digital Signage–

Electronic signs and monitors are everywhere – in your lobby, at venues where you hold events, or in public spaces. Create dynamic impressions that grab attention.

GSMA Congress 2012 - These dynamic animation play on monitors all over the Fira Congress in Barcelona - alerting attendees to various features and future events.

Motivational –

Excite and motivate your employees or your customers to new action.

Create Great - was a series of 4 videos designed sales reps to aspire to new heights.  This section entitles "Passion" and uses company employees to discuss how passion plays a role in Creating Great.


Business communication doesn’t always have to be so serious. You may have more impact if your willing to be a bit self-effacing at times.

One Vision – was created for BI Pharmaceuticals. The video was an element for a meeting dedicated to one of their product lines. As for the spoofy 80’s Glam-Rock video –  long story ‐ let’s just say it made sense if you were at the event!